Fruit Ice Cream




Tidings friends with ice cream.

Step 1: Ingredients

What you need: a cup, a bowl, a plastic cup, mixer and a stik (wand,it can be from icecream)


  1. fruit mix 300g (or 2 cups, or any other fruit)
  2. greek yogurt 300g (or 2 cups)
  3. honey (3 tablespoons, depending on how sweet you want)
  4. milk (cup)
  5. vanilla sugar (1 tablespoon)

Step 2: Preparing...

Mix yogurt, milk, honey vanilla sugar in bowl and than add a fruit mix and stir it a gently with a tablespoon. Than you can put some mixture in a plastic cup and put in the middle a stik. Put it in the freezer until it frozen. Enjoy :D



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