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Introduction: Fruit Press

Made this apple/fruit press out of spare wood that I had hanging around. now if the weather would cooperate we might get some apples off the trees. I started with the base of 3/4 in plywood I cut it 24 in x 24 in. I put 3 2x4s under it for stability when the fruit is being pressed. the stand part is all 2x4s that are also doubled up. for the top I also used 2x4s side by side then one is laid on top. After drilling a Straight hole in the middle of the top, I inserted a tube to help keep the plunger bar straight and strengthen the wood. under the top bar I put a nut that fit my plunger bar, the nut is welded to a piece of metal and attached to the wood piece. I also added guides on the base to guide the juice off the base and into a container. I offset the legs so the base is at a tilt. I had to do this twice as I didnt get it high enough for a container to go under the first time.

The barrel is made with 1 x2s the base is 17 inches diameter made with 3/4 in plywood. I laid out the 1x2s and screwed metal strapping to them and wrapping them around. I screwed the boards vertically in place and also glued them to the base. I also used screw type hose clamps on the bottom on the barrel for added strength. The plunger base is made with 2 round 3/4 inch plywood glued together, sanded and waxed. the plunger is a long steel screw type bar and we attached it to the base via a steel bar and a nut welded to it and another nut on the bottom of the plunger. I melted parowax and brushed it on all surfaces that the juice will touch. then i took a torch and melted it off again. total cost. 10.00 for the 1x2.s which is the only thing I didn't have on hand.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks BARKing, I tried it and the Rod doesn't bend. If it doesn't work properly Ill have to modify it. but right now its really sturdy. Ill keep you posted and let you know how it works out


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Having used a press for apples before I know it takes a lot of pressure to do a good job. Looking at your plunger rod I think it might be a little small, you might be better off using a jack instead. If you can bend your plunger by pulling to the side with your hands then it will bend in use before the pressure required is reached.

    Here is to a good apple harvest.