Fssg Gun Mod

Introduction: Fssg Gun Mod

 if your guns top guide for your firing pin keeps flying off when you fire it because you have so many rubber bands this is for you

i would never of had this gun if it hadent of been for logic boy so go see his sight and check out his guns.

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Step 1: Taking Things Off

 first start by taking the rubber bands off, the firing pin and the two yellow pieces on the back were the orange pieces are and the the top firing pin guide not the bottom

Step 2: Now Rebuild This Thing

 build this

Step 3: Rebuild!!!!

put this back on the gun

Step 4: Put the New Firing Pin Guide Back On

 once you have the new guide holder back on put your rubber bands on the firing pin i personally have 8 on right now and i can shoot threw cardboard

Step 5: Put It All Back to Gether

 now your rod shouldent  be going any were any time soon unless your taking the gun apart....than thats a hole different story 

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    nice mod, I never had a problem with the gun though, just make sure you give me some credit for the gun and maybe stick a link on