Full of Colours Wreath

Intro: Full of Colours Wreath

thiz iz not an instructable.but a simple sharing to use the extra papers taht v feel of no use..n through them out..actually a cut a lot of leaf shapes to make a walla rt.n got  alot of mess of papers that iz of no shape..bt i coud nt throught them bc thay look soo pretty,,i decidesd to use them smwhwere,,n finally i made a wreath..n thz iz the final shape of the papres that v feel extra..u can use them in lot of ways,,bt i hope u like it,,bc it loooks so yummy..;)
what u need
1..colourd papers..2glue..3..wreath..
just paste the papers on the wreatjh..bc i dnt hav any wreath so i cur the card board in round shape n pasted all papers in a v rough shape,,yhen it look so beautiful



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    being human

    5 years ago on Introduction

    thnxx muhaiminah..n when i was making,,i thought muhaminah wud hav a llot of extra papers collection,,she can do o lot of thngs wth thiz

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