Fun and Easy Firecracker



36 and easy!

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Step 1: Step:1

buy the pull tricks or get yours

Step 2: Step:2

cut the fuse to about 2 and a half inches.

Step 3: Step:3

take these

Step 4: Step:4

make the pull tricks as even around the fuse as possible

Step 5: Step:5

wrap the strings around the fuse

Step 6: Step:6

tape it ... but if you use two much it wont blow

and now your done

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    36 Discussions

    mr. clean

    8 years ago on Introduction

    ya it was simple to make its not as big as ur thinking the bore size is about the size of bird shot so its loud but not very powerful and since then i bought 1700 of those poppers for like 30 dollars. there a lot of fun to smash with a hammer.

    Why won't you just tape it together without the string? It's as simple as "get some pull tricks together, line 'em up along with a fuse, and tape 'em up".

    mr. clean

    9 years ago on Introduction

    thats weird i bought the exact same items u did 65 feet of cannon fuse and 360 poppers. i use the fuse and powder from the poppers in my home made match lock rifle :)


    um firecrackers are illegal u kno so u cant just buy them anywhere. and besides its really easy to make them.

    yea i live in NJ too, but i live in hamilton (right across from pennsylvania) so we just get our fire works from the store across the bridge