Fun Draw

Introduction: Fun Draw

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Step 1:

this part will be the cone you can decorate it any way you like

Step 2: The Cotton Candy

continue to do swirls until you meet a point

Step 3: Fun Draw Eye's

start with two curve lines as seen above

Step 4: Part 2

then draw a round triangle

Step 5: The Inside

draw 2 side shades then we have to make the pupils

Step 6: Cheeks

draw to circles just under the curved lines

Step 7: Lips

start with a smile then bring a curved line up to finish the top side of the lips then for the bottom you need to make a slightly thicker smile

Step 8: Coloring In

add your own cute design like a bow

Step 9:

this design is from fun2draw but a changed it up a bit and it only on apps and you tube so I thought I'd bring it to instructables like and also request more if you would like more

Step 10:

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