Fun Toy

Introduction: Fun Toy

This is a pretty fun thing to play with when your bored and live with a lot of people.

Step 1: Remove Lid

In this step you remove the lid off of the Slim Jim can, and place the metal spring inside of the can. To do this place hand on the can lid, squeeze and lift up.

Step 2: Create Toy

Here, you place the Spring inside of the can. To do this carefully pick up the spring (watch for sharp edges) and place in the can.

Step 3: Silencer.

Silencer (Otional) which can be made of any old magnet, can be placed if you don't want to annoy anyone, and this toy will annoy people.

Step 4: Voila!

You are finished! A fun game to play with this toy is to shake it and see how many people tell you to stop! Happy shaking



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    uhhh dude im not gonna be dishonest that is horrible no offence.

    This is nowhere near being the "Worst Instructable Ever." It has focused, clear pictures of every step and complete, understandable instructions. The concept behind it is pitiful, but the pitiful concept is well executed.

    yeah even if you didnt like it theres no need to be mean. although i was expecting a real instructable so this was a bit of a let down.

    Have u ever tried clicking a Nestea safety cap to annoy people?

    Finished... it doesn't look any different...

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