very simple fuse from house hold items

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Step 1: Materials

u need axe yarn scissors and lighter

Step 2: Spray the Axe On

spray a good amount of axe on the yarn...*IMPORANT*- the axe evaporates quickly

Step 3: Go Outside and Have Fun

go have fun with it........if it dosent ignite spray more axe on because the evaporates in like 10 seconds

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    get a little container fill it with oil or hairspray then dip paer or wool in it then leave it for 3 days then light


    10 years ago on Step 3

    Maybe Try Designing a fuse thay will stay for longer as many pyrotechnics require it, otherwise good work, clear pictures, well written :D

    Forget the rope just light the lighter in front of the axe and spray. It lights everything and more!!!!!!!!


    well, this would be the same as dipping rope in gas (not as good tho). the point of fuse tho is to have something to safely light that you can keep use-able for a long time. (only have to light it when you want to use it).

    3 replies

    That is totally un-safe Andrew haha. Great Instructable, but it would be also easier if.... well, I got nothing, because this is way too easy. :-)

    ya, but when ever you want to use it you need to carry around axe or tagged :-(. in all honestly there is nothing quite like actual fuse, i prefur www.cannonfuse.com