Gamecube Variable Voltage and Current Portable Atx PSU



ATX PSU made using a compact atx power supply. A 3rd party variable voltage and current converter is added. Connections to a battery source is added in the back for more versatility.

Step 1: Gather the Materials..

you will need a micro atx to git inside the gamecube. remove everything inside the gamecube and cut out the plastic to create space.

Step 2: Install (if Needed) the Switch to Control Ac Input. I Got an Illuminated Switch of Amazon for Cheap.

1.-cut out the space for the switch in the back of the gamecube.

2.-use a rotary tool to make holes for the fuse holders. i got some panel mount fuse holders for cheap on ebay.

3.-make 2 additional holes for the banana plugs in the game cube front panel.



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