Garden Fence Inspired Bed End




Introduction: Garden Fence Inspired Bed End

My fiance and I got this guest room that we bought at bed for. The problem though was the crazy price for bed ends... which by the way didn't do it aesthetically for us anyway. My fiance got this idea from a magazine she had read but the one in the magazine was just a regular garden fence (i.e. all the same height of the posts). Anyhow, together we designed this headboard which we wanted to flow for a two person bed and attach mail boxes on the sides to be used as magazine holders.

The bed end is attached to the bed by nuts and screws but could just as well be fastened to the wall instead. Enjoy!

Attach my concept pictures and metric drawings for the vertical posts (the two horizontal post got cut to accommodate the vertical ones).

The hole in one of the boards is left the intentionally to add to the garden fence feeling. The roundness of the board tops is made with a smoke alarm unit (which happen to have the perfect radius for the plank).

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