Garden Pallet Corner Sofa




here is my corner sofa I made for my garden I collected pallets and pallet sides from work they chuck them away so was more than happy for me to take them and up cycle them

Step 1: First Step

my first step was collecting enough pallets I then selected the better condition ones to use as the top and back of the sofa.

Step 2: Sanding

I then sanded them stating with 60 grit working my way to 240 grit to bring out the grain in the wood an round the edges to prevent anyone from getting splinters

Step 3: Test Building

next I placed the pallets out and checked I was happy with the height etc then once happy I screwed them together as individual chairs and used the pallet sides to join them together.

Step 4: Protection and Colour

once it was all attached I stained the whole thing with a dark oak coloured wood preservative to protect it from the elements. I then decided I wamted to make it a little different.

Step 5: Adding Light

I then got a 5m length of waterproof rgb led's and attached them with glue under the pallet side these are wired into a controller so I can change the colour depending on mood or have patterns if we are having a party

Step 6: Last Step Cushions

for this I got an old king size memory foam mattress and chopped it up to use as the base an a couple old roll out beds as the back cushions and covered the back cushions with an old set of curtains and the base with a king size bed throw and some lining fabric



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15 Discussions


3 years ago

This is fantastic! If painted and paired with some outdoor cushions this could be a neat idea for not only your home but a hookah bar, lounge or even campground.


3 years ago on Introduction

How did you screw them together? How did you attach the back to the seating?


3 years ago

How did you make the back rest for not falling over if there is nothing supporting it. We are moving into a knew house and I want to start making mine for the braai room.


Reply 3 years ago

I think it was 12 pallets and 3 or 4 pallet sides

AlecR1chris higgins

Reply 3 years ago

you really should 3 of my mates have started building them since they come round and saw mine


Reply 4 years ago

thanks really pleased for my first attempt