DIY - Gardening Shack With Barbecue Shelter




i looooooove cheeeeeeeeese....aaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhh

to optimise the place in my little garden i decide to bild up my own shack/shelter .
my goal was to protect the cooking space and also to park and protect all the gardening tools and products.

i use second hand wood for this job except for the roof (essentially pallet & old framework stuff)
iĀ  had only bought the roof panels, the stuff to cover it and the 2 plates for the front roof...and the glass for the window.

first i stabilise the groundĀ  with sand & some stone slabs on.
i bild the back side panel (2) and the 2 side panels (1 & 3) in my garage. when this three panels where done , i bring it on place and i positionned temporary with a wood barrel. (4)
when it was correctly positionned, i bild on place the front side. (5)
then i bild the roof of the shak
then i positionned the shack support for the shelter (6) and i bild the leg of the shelter (7)
then i fixed the leg and i bild the roof of the shelter.
the last job was to cover the roof and to make the door.



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    Just Like You

    3 years ago

    I love it and the fact that it's one of those type that you can build smaller or larger. Great Job Buds- It looks awesome!

    I have a ranch and there's some woodland at the far side of the property. This is really nice and just the layout what I was looking for. I think it would be a good outhouse/restroom with a screen outdoor shower in place of the BBQ shelter.