Introduction: Gardenlighting

If you want to build a recycling gardenlight, you only need the following items:

1 canister 2.5 l for glass cleaner or car cooler liquids

1 lamp socket E 14 with energy-saving lamp

1 2-wire cable

1 junction box

1 Timberboard 20 cm x 3 cm about 200 cm long

4 Woodscrews

1 round wooden stick 15 mm Dia. 300 mm length

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Step 1: Cut the Wood

Cut the Wood according to the dimensions of your canister.

Make the top part a little bit wider, so that you are able to adjust the ability of the unit to clamp the canister.

Step 2: Prepare the Cap

Drill a 10 mm hole for the cable an light fittings.

Step 3: Insert the Light Socket

Put the cable trough the hole and fix the lamp socket. Prepare the cable to connect it to a cable.

Be aware, that the diameter of your energy saving light bulb fits into the opening of the canister.

Step 4: Wooden Lamp Base

Drill 15 mm holes into the upright timberparts and put the 15 mm pole into the holes.

Make it a little bit longer, so you can adjust the width of it all.

The width between both parts depends on the size of your specific canister you are going to use.

Step 5: Fix the Top Part

To get a good friction between the plastic canister and both side-parts, you could press them all together with a cleat,

drill the holes and use the screws to fix all three wooden parts. Together with the little pole you added in the last step,

the canister will now easily be fixed in its position. You can pull the canister out of the rack for service reasons.

There will be no need to for any screw connection into the plastic. It will still be watertight. By using LED- or

Energy-saving bulbs there will not be to much heat in the canister.

Step 6: Light Your Garden

I added some black varnish to the oak planks for a more stylish look and weather protection for the wood.

Have fun.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It is hard to make a good night Photo, when it does not really get dark and the ĺight

    of the lamp is quite strong. I hope you like it.