Gears From Craft Foam




Introduction: Gears From Craft Foam

Make some sturdy lightweight gears out of craft foam!

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Step 1: Materials

craft foam ($1 at Dollar Tree)
poster board or cardboard (50 cents at Dollar Tree)
lots of mini clamps (25 cents each at Dollar Tree)
white or wood glue ($3 - $5)
a craft cutter (or a knife or scissors and a whole lot of meticulous patience)
gear pattern (below)

Step 2: Cut the Gear Shapes Out

This particular pattern has a hole sized so that if the big gear is approximately 3 inches wide, the hole just fits a size 10 machine screw which can serve as the axle

cut the gear shapes out of both craft foam and posterboard

A craft cutter is probably essential for this.

I've attached a Make the Cut project in case you have one

Step 3: To the Dentist

If some of the gear teeth have little anomalies after going through the cutter, you can trim those off at any time

Step 4: Glue the Gear Layers

coat the posterboard gear with a fine layer of glue

lay the foam gear over it and slide it around until the gear teeth line up perfectly

lay those flat and let them dry

Step 5: Glue the Gear Layers Together

apply glue to the foam surface of  a gear layer

stack them up about 6 deep, being careful to line up the teeth perfectly straight

Step 6: Clamp and Allow to Dry

Make sure the glued layers are all lined up perfectly.

Apply clamps if you have them.

If you picked up some of those awesome clamps from Dollar Tree they have a nice feature that you can remove their little crimp pads off their ends. This makes them just about perfect for holding the gear teeth in alignment while the layers dry.

Allow the gear to dry overnight

Step 7: Yay Gears!

Now to put them to work!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    wow kool picure dood


    3 years ago

    do you have a template for the gears? That would be nice to include so I can borrow to cut out of wood? Just a thought since all your gears work!LOL Anyhow, great project...thanks! One can laminate wood to get the same effect...


    5 years ago on Step 5

    how can we open .mtc file?