Geodesic Airplane Construction

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the method of putting together a model plane i talked about in the other instructable is all very well,but it means that you cannot make a true scale replica of the inside of the plane and it makes it heavier and harder to shape.i have experimented with this technique in several models,but i think it worked best on this this model i didn't use depron but "white board" paper and grease proof paper for the "skin" of the aircraft as it is stronger than the tissue paper favoured by other designs.this model is just a glider,but it applies to x twin conversions as well,its just a bit more time consuming than the other method.the wings are chambered for extra strength.the model itself is a douglas dc 3,but it doesn't look like one now because the nose was squashed on the first indoor flight.

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Step 1: The Users of Geodesic Construction

geodesic construction is quite rare,as most planes use the monocoque construction method where the "skin" of the plane holds it together.monocoque construction is usually preferred as it doesent require a additional framework and in modern planes the improvements are usually negligible.barnes wallis used geodesic construction in the world war two british medium bomber the the Wellington's "skin" was made of linen the technique made it and the other vickers aircraft very strong compared to the other aircraft of its day,and could sustain a lot of damage as bullets and shells could pierce the linen and go straight through its wicker framework and out the other side.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    since i wrote this rather a long time ago,and now have had more experience in the modelling field id recommend that if your making the plane out of paper,to use p.v.a. (elmers if your in the us) glue and use it sparingly. your first few planes are likely not to work,but thats ok,ive made about 10-15 of these things now with paper and foam and ive still  not got them completely perfect.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well Iam not intent to involve with that...not soon at least....
    No iam from Greece...but i can find these materials


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    to be honest this was kind of an experiment,and the plane itself never really flew that well (it plummeted on every flight).the idea was to see how light i could get the fuselage without compromising the strength.
    i hope that answered your question agis68