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Since 2004, leather has become my material of choice.
Working the leather started as fun and soon became a great passion that lead me to the study and the discovery of the great properties and versatility of this material. With time I began focusing on the creation of leather accessories and various objects with a unique and personal twist. The personal intent is now to create custom objects that are original, harmonious and for which the attention to details is heightened throughout a meticulous and rigorously handmade work.

"Germana Reale" is a handmade handbag in the shape of a duck. It belongs to a series of handmade handbags in the shape of animals such as the penguin, the hedgehog and the ladybird. This series originates from a desire to imitate life and nature.

Materials and tools for the development of "Germana Reale"

For the realization of this kind of handbags, the main material is cow leather tanned with natural colorants with a thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 3 mm. For the Germand Reale I use leather with a thickness of 1 mm for the face (beak, eyes, stomach) and 2mm for the parts that constitutes the body of the bag (i.e. everything else). I use a resin leather with a thickness of 3 mm and with a buckle of 2.5 cm for the shoulder strap.

Titanium coated high-precision scissors Brown waxed thread (3 meters) Needle with a sufficiently large eye (I would recommend a sewing needle with a rounded tip) tandy leather Craftool Spacer Set Precision Craft Knife tandy leather Deluxe Rotary Leather Punch Craftool Edge Bevelers A 2,5 cm buckle rivets dye penetrant for leather like Eco-Flo Cova Color Pack Sewing machine with Teflon feet and synthetic yarn measuring 20

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Step 1: Step 1 Cut and Colours

After selection of the leather, I proceed with the cutting of the prime material.

The range of colours match the ones of the "Germana Reale", a duck widespread in Europe: forest green for the body, bright red for the belly, yellow for the beak, tan for the wing, for the cheek and the back.The eyes are drawn with special colours directly on the leather.

Step 2:

mechanically sew the beak, the eyes, cheek and belly on the front of the bag; I then proceed with the sewing of the lateral sides of the handbag.

Step 3:

Front face, rear face and sides are sewed manually.

Step 4:

"Germana Reale" is completed by a buckle strap with a leather press-stud closure.

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    4 years ago

    Very nice work!!! Congratulations