Apple Floppy Dock

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Floppy dock for apple I products.

Wath do you need?

4 things 

11 floppy's
- glue ( supper glue) i used zap a gap thin
- an apple  dock cable
- an apple i product ( i used an Ipad ) but it works with ipod and iphone too

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Step 1: Make the Base

Take two floopys end glue it to getter to make a cube.

Now do this 2 two times  , to make a square 

Step 2: Make the Dock Part

Now make a hole in the floppy and put your doc connector inside. 

Step 3: Tiangle ( the Support )

now take one ( i used 2 ) floppy as base.
than make an tiangle from thie floppys.

and glue the other floppy with to dock conector in place.

Step 4: Glue All

now glue alle your ports to getter.
but first make a hole in the base for your cable.
put a weigt in the cube ( for an ipod - iphone take 250 gram) ( for ipad take 500 to 600 gram)

and close it all up

Step 5: Enjoy

enjoy now

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