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Introduction: Ghetto Glass

If your like me you could not wait for Google glass to come out. then t cam out and you want me to pay 1,500 for a card reader. yea not gonna happen so i got to work on my own ghetto glass. first i want you to know there is 2 ways to do this and i did them both and both ways i am gonna talk about.
this way is using a old computer

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Step 1: Picking What Way You Want to Build and Getting the Stuff

now this is cheaper if you have that old lap top you don't use or can find one with a cracked screen cheap.
you still need the eye wear that is like 150 bucks
and the wireless keybord(16.72)
on this you will need a adapter it is like 2 bucks. make sure this is right for you laptop

and for both you will need a old set of sun glasses.

Step 2: Destroy to Rebuild

 i took apart the Vuzix and as you can see i used a plastic bracer and tape to hold it to the glasses it is not what i would of wanted but for now it works. i wanted to just use a projector but i could not find one in my price rang and that small.  i also took took a pic of the keyboard i picked i don't think you have to have this one but i like this one so i thought i would share. once it is all working you can use strips of plastic ( cut up the lip of like a coffee can)and duct tape to make it look better i would also disable the hing on the glasses i know that that is a pain but it is better them replacing the cords. also you can see i used the web cam allot here the part that holds it too the screen or its stand i took apart and use it to hold the proctor peace on and hold the cam out so i can tape my day of i can take pics instead of tacking notes in class. the only down side to this is weight distribution i need to think of a way yo eve it out.

Step 3: Connet It to You Computer

ok for this part you will need to turn off the function the you computer turns off if ti is closed and you will want to have the main screen goes dark once closed. to save on batter life  if you cant do this i would suggest pulling the plug on the screen. and only using the out side avi port ( or what ever it is called)  now at this point you should be done i know i did not take a lot if pics but is you have and questions just ask.

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