Gigantic Cardboard Battling Scorpions




Intro: Gigantic Cardboard Battling Scorpions

What did you make ?
I enjoy constructing cardboard sculptures, especially large ones. This is because, firstly the material is so easy and cheap to use and get hold of and secondly I think it is fantastic to be able to give life to amazing structures  from what is normally viewed as rubbish.
My scorpion sculpture was inspired by a recent visit to a local  museum which was exhibiting a huge selection of anamatronic  animals, including insects. I decided that instead of building an anamatronic model I would make a reconstruction of the scorpion out of  cardboard but give it a personal spark by making two scorpions instead of one and by putting them in a very dynamic fighting position which allows the viewer to imagine the movement of the animals. I also painted them with abnormal racing stripes so that it could even more convey a sense of movement.
How did you make it ?
I used thick and robust cardboard and formed individual segments for the scorpion. These involved a variety of complex shapes including semicircular forms and hexagonal shapes. I then constructed a rigid cardboard internal spine this is what I used as a base for my segments which I slid onto the spine and stuck in place using glue gun which I have learnt is surprisingly effective with adhering cardboard.
When I had finished this basic construction I then made the individual pincers which extended from the head. Once I had done all of these thing it was time for me to paint, I sprayed both scorpions black the with acrylic I painted a crisp white line straight down the middle and on the tips of the feet. I then displayed the two fighting scorpions on some contrasting white blocks which gave a very action packed picture for the viewer. In the end one of my scorpions was about 7 foot long and the other 3 foot.




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