Glass Bottle Tree Decor




 i hand glass bottle cokes laying around so i finished them up and i really liked the bottles so i decided to tie them to a tree because i thought i would be a cool homemade decoration for our backyard 

Step 1: Materials

 for this your going to need
-glass bottle cokes (empty)
-hot glue gun (optional)

Step 2: Tie the Strings

 okay so basically you want to cut a piece of string about one foot long then tie it to the lip of the bottle if you want you can dab a bit of hot glue near the knot so it holds better to the bottle but thats optional 

Step 3: The Last Step

 okay now you need to get some shoes and go outside with the bottles, then tie the bottles to the tree and voila you have beauty.

and if its summer time or there is wasps around you can put some honey in the bottles to make a stylish wasp trap



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    colored water in the summer turns the bottles into little jewels but cork the top so rain doesnt get in

    1 reply

    Recently I saw this in the movie Ray Charles. They had different colored old bottles hanging in the tree in their yard when he was younger. I really liked the idea ;but what about strong winds?...

    1 reply