Glider T

Introduction: Glider T

this plane is difficult to throw
but, dont give up just throw it to it glides.

this planes will glide nicely if thrown right.

i made this also when i was bored

so i will show you how to make it...

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

get your piece of paper

Step 2: The Origami Triangle

fold it

Step 3: The Origami Triangle 2


Step 4: The Origami Triangle 3


Step 5: The Origami Triangle 4

push it into a triangle

Step 6: The Origami Triangle 4

done with that

Step 7: ...

fold those up

Step 8: ...

make that

Step 9: Yes

you get that

Step 10: So Long....

fold those up

Step 11: ...

connect the ends inside of the flap

Step 12: Agian

do the other one

Step 13: Fold

fold in half

Step 14: This Is Taken Forever

fold the thing down

Step 15: ...

fold the other too

Step 16: ..

fold the side of the wing like a regular airplane

Step 17: ..

fold other side

Step 18: Almost

put the plane like that and pop up the stabilizers

Step 19: DONE


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    2 Discussions

    ummm… if i can ask that you be a lot more precise when doing origami, or just make a video otherwise pretty cool!