Glidsor Paper Plane

this is how the end product will look


Step 1: Basic Folds First

1.firstly get out a A4 sheet of paper, then fold it in half
2.take one of the corners and fold it on the halfway line repeat with the otherside

Step 2: Almost There

4.take the top corner and fold it to the bottom of the halfway line
5.fold the top right corner onto the halfway line,repeat on the opposite side
6.eventually take one of the sides and fold it in half

Step 3: One More Step Until You Are Finished

7.take one side fold it 3 1/2 way down repeat on the otherside

Step 4: Welldone You Have Finished

this is the end product
flys incredibly well when throwing it slowly
o and one last thing precision in the folds is quite vital for it to fly!



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