Glitter Nails!

Intro: Glitter Nails!

these nails are super easy to make !

Step 1: What You Will Need:

loose glitter and something to apply it with , finger nail polish ( if you have polish on your nails ), a clear coat and finally a base coat ! and color of your choice !

Step 2: Clean Nails and Apply Base

you can do any design you want I like the full nail & french tip!

Step 3: Apply Glitter!

dip your painted nail in your glitter ! and brush away any extra around the edges !

Step 4: Clear Coat!

finish off with your clear coat before starting the clear coat make sure your nails are a bit dry !

Step 5: Finish

if you create these nails please send me how you did it and your designs on instagram ! I would love to see them 3girlss5dudes1D :) thanks!



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