Glowing Cat Eyes

Introduction: Glowing Cat Eyes

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache

Make your own glowing toy, some cat eyes with a papier mache cat for the day.

Ready to start?

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

-Paste made of flour and hot water
- Glue
- Cast powder
- An empty shampoo container
- screwdriver
- Carving tool
- A student electric kit: bulb, switch, extra wire, battery holder

Step 2: Mark and Cut

cuts the base of the container, must contain the battery holder

(I could not find my craft knife.)

Step 3: Make the Electrical Conections

Use the base of the container to hold the bulb holder.
Test the electrical circuit. And performs the necessary holes for attaching the battery pack and enter the wires. (you must rotate the base of the container)
I added a small hole to enter the red wire. Use leftover screws for clamping bulbs
if you want you can solder the connections or hot glue it.

You must make a bigger hole for the switch, and glue it with hot glue

Step 4: Lets Get Dirty

Begin mixing the crushed pulp with glue, plaster powder and the paste.
mix it with your hands and knead.
 to stick the mix into the container, you must add glue.

Draw some nice eyes, there should not put glue on it.
Use the carving tool to make the cat factions

(I made a video of the modeling step, but it is very large.)

Step 5: Lets Do the Painting

After the cat is dry,  you must collect the paint; red, black and white.
Paint a layer of white  in the lighter parts of the cat and then mix some gray for the rest of the body
MIx white and red for the nose and feet.
Do two black stripes on the eyes and is ready to use.

You can carry it everywhere.
I put a EVA foam rectangle to the bottom, you can open it to change the batteries.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a cute cat! It looks great with the glowing eyes.