Glowing Crystal Ice Hand

Introduction: Glowing Crystal Ice Hand

Have you ever wanted to make something cool and cheap,to show your friends..ect.
Stuff needed:
scissors,or knife
electrical tape
latex glove
3v battery
water source
freezing source
LEDs of any color you want your hand
this tutorial will show step by step,broken down for more help.
caution:might get burnt due to careless use so be carefull.

Step 1: Step:1

take the LED (with wires atleast 5" long attached)and electrical tape,
tape the wire connection so it doesnt rust or mess up while in water.

Step 2: Step:2

next,stick the led far down into the glove until it gets centered and tounching the finger holes(not into a finger hole)

Step 3: Step:3

then,fill glove with water and tie off.
***the reason for so much wire is when you tie off the wire moves to the knot***

Step 4: Step:4

(optional)next is to put into a baggy,so if hlatex glove pops you dont have water all over your freezer.
then,put into freezer
***wait approximitly 24 hours,or over night*****

Step 5: Step:5 Last Step

finally take out of freezer,
use scissors or knife to cut glove apart revealing the ice hand
**caution:be carefull around the fingers for they will break off easly if pulled**
(my pinky on my glove broke off tho but still cool looking)
after all the latex is  taken off,
take wires and connect them to the 3v battery and put electrical tape to hold the wires on the battery
have fun with it!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I've never tried this, but if you boil water twice before freezing, it is suppose to be clear/transparent once frozen, so it would look more like glass...might make this great idea just a bit better ;)