Glowing Night Light

Intro: Glowing Night Light

when i saw the glow project i thought huh that looks fun. Then i looked at the prize and i was like COOL!!!!! because im going to flordia and i thought i could take pictures  and play with the kindelfire  because its a long drive but then i really thought i could have some fun and win a prize but thats what i got so just think about it my name is joey georgi and im 10 years old but think about it.

Step 1: The Glowing Night Light

i had to make the the jar light up so i thought if i glue the jar to the light and paint it it would glow.

Step 2: The Glowing Night Light

i painted it so it would have color to it and it would glow.

Step 3: The Glowing Night Light

all done  finished progeict

Step 4:

I had to use mod podge to glue the jar down so it wouldn't fall off if I bumped into it at night.  



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    i love this, thank you, my kids will love it too. i'm gonna try to make this, you make it look like fun!! thank you :)