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Introduction: Glowing Painting

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Today I will show you How to make a glowing painting. It's very easy and it looks great. You can draw everything you want and give it away as a cool selfmade gift. The pictures arent that good but it looks awesome.

Step 1: Things You Need

This Project is simple so you only need a few things as you can see on the photo:
-white baking paper (or something else thats transparent, white and where you can paint on)
-wooden bars
-led-strip parts
-12V power supply (at least 300ma in my case)
-circuit board
-switch (not necessary)
-socket for the power supplys plug
-soldering iron

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting

At first I choose a picture and tried to draw it on the baking paper with a pencil. You can also cut something ,for example a skyline, out and glue it on the baking paper. After I finished drawing I measured off the sides of my wooden bars and left enough paper over to fold it over the bars on the edges of the picture.

Step 3: The Frame

I measured the size of the picture and builded a suitable frame from the wooden bars. To glue the pictue on the frame i started putting some glue on the side of one of the longer bars of the frame, not on the front sides, because i didn't want to see the glue in the picture. I stuck the paper,I left at the edges of the picture, on the side. I did this side by side. When i was finished i had a small edge of paper left ,that i glued on the back of the frame. I'm bad in explaining such things, look at the pictures :D.

Step 4: The Electronics

To make the picture glow, I builded a simple curcuit. I used RGB-LED-strips and my favourite colour is a mix of green and blue so I  only connected this two colours. You can also connect other colours ,install a controller or resistors to influence the intensity of the different colours and so on but I did it the easy way. The curcuit includes a socket and some connections. I didn't build in a switch because I always pull the transformer out of the wall outlet. After the soldering work I tested it and hotglued the assembly on the lower side of the frame.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Result

At last I plugged it in and enjoyed ,what I have made. I use it to get a smooth blue light accent in the evenings, it is also good as a nightlight :D.

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