Gopro Helmet Swivel Mount

Introduction: Gopro Helmet Swivel Mount

see how to do that

Step 1: Things You Will Need

the first thing is 1 castor wheel

2 bycicle screws, washers and a piece of silicon or bike tire

a piece of aluminum tube, or you can use any type of tube

3 hose clamps, can be an big one and normal one

1 solid iron, but you can use any heavy thing

1 gopro tripod adapter

Step 2: Starting

after cut the tube you will cut to have 4 parts like the picture

than put the piece of solid iron or any heavy thing

bend to fit and put the hose clamps, and the other one will stay where the cut finish, where i have my hand in the 3rd picture

Step 3: Gopro Mount Part

i've bended straith the other side of the tube

did an hole in the middle to put the bycicle screw and the gopro tripod adapter

than cuttet rounded the end

Step 4: Middle Part

in this part you will need to put the gopro in the side and the iron in the other

put in you finger and try to find the balance point, this way that i find the place to put the castor.

do a hole and put the castor part

Step 5: Crucial Part

now you will need to do a hole in your helmet to put the castor

i changed the castor screw to an smaller and thinner one, the bycicle v brake one and with the washers and piece of tire

now you just need to paint if you want, and use

and sorry about my s#@t english

Step 6:

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