Green Army Man on a Budget

over the years i have made many expensive costumes, so i thought lets do a cheap one! This army man cost about $50. i used a green rain suit from wal mart, a army belt from the army surplus store, golfing gloves, some like $5 shoes from good will, a helmet(optional)green facepaint, and green spray paint.  So first go to Walmart in the camping section should be a green rain suit. It comes with pants and a jacket which has a hood which you will need. While your there you could pick up some golfing gloves or any white gloves that will paint easy. You can get the boots and belt there but make sure to get a belt with an army look to it, it doesn't matter what color they are. For the boots, rain boots work awesome. Then while your out, party city has already green helmets where you can get face paint. After you have all the materials you need to go to a store that carries spray paint, try to get plastic spray paint.  Once home use either a plastic bag to cover the floor or just spray it on the grass(if you won't get in trouble). Lay out the belt gloves and boots. You only need to spray each side once. After they dry turn it over then spray once. So now that everything is painted all you need to do it put every thing on. Here is where the hood comes in handy. The hood has strings to pull it tight so you need to pull it as tight as you can to you face. Whatever is not covered by the hood just use the face paint. And there you have it. Happy cosplaying! 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great costume, and 100% made by Gaby. Thanks for sharing :-)