Greenburrito's 5 Shot Knex Gun.




Introduction: Greenburrito's 5 Shot Knex Gun.

I was actually just messing around and I found out how to use a hoper.

Step 1: Parts List

1 rubber band
20 orange connectors
4 white
7 yellow rods
1 grey
and 6 blue

Step 2: Trigger Meckenisim.

just build what you see.

Step 3: Handle

just build what you see.

Step 4: Ram Rod

just build what you see.

Step 5: Hopper

just build what you see.

Step 6: Barrel

i hack sawed 4 orange connectors in half.

Step 7: Put the Trigger and the Handle Together.

clip the handle on the end.

Step 8: Add the Barrel

just build what you see.

Step 9: Add the Hopper

just build what you see.

on pic. 2 put 2 blue rods in the corners so the rods load smoothely.

Step 10: Add the Ram Rod

if you put the rubber band in the wrong place it might slip off.



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    21 Discussions

    wow. this is the lowest rated small knex gun. i am not surprised as it is another block trigger

    were not jerks, but what is so great about this gun? it is "greenburrito's" 3rd simple block trigger gun. that is why we are saying the comments like this. we would all rather that he did not make this instructable. and we are only criticizing it because if we don't then people would think that posting all the simple block triggers they make is alright. its not, its just pointless. of coarse i do not know why i am explaining this to you, concerting your first and only instructable is garbage.

    haha why dont you look at my instructables, i wouldnt be talking, seeing as though you didnt post very much, i posted two (2) knex instructables that are way better than this, instead of calling everyone a jerk, go cry in your room, it will make us all feel better :D

    How innovative! a Hopper! who would have thought. and whats this so called "block trigger"? sounds soooooo new.


    Tsssk, why cut so much pieces in half for just a simple blocky trigger with just magazine/hopper attachet!

    wow you suck at building knex guns give up already no ones going to mutilate that many knex pieces for something like this the hoppers too simple, no true trigger, people if you want to build something like this build mepains 1st gun

    i think you either should stop building knex guns or make better ones before you post them... all of your guns are essentially the same thing...tubes with block triggers


    1 reply

    This is amazing!!!! It has a hopper and a block trigger!!!!! This is so cool

    Next time try to make something that is innnovative.

    This would have been obsolete a year and a half ago.