DIY Living Valentine

Introduction: DIY Living Valentine

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Our inspiration: a colorful living heart!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

- hangable heart frame pre-packed with moss
- approximately 50 succulent cuttings
- chopstick or pencil 

Step 2: Arrange the Succulent Cuttings on the Dry Moss.

Just pick them up and put them wherever you want. (It usually takes a few tries to get an arrangement you really love!) Succulents are slow growers when they are in a tight space, so place the cuttings close together for an arrangement that looks great right away.

Step 3: Press the Succulents Into Place.

Once your arrangement is set, gently press the succulents down to make sure their root zones touch the moss. If there are succulents with long roots sticking out, make a little hole in the moss to tuck them in.

Step 4: Water the Heart.

Use more water than you think you need - it will take a lot for the dry moss to soak in the water.

Step 5: Keep the Heart Flat at First So the Succulent Roots Can Grow.

It will take about 2 months for the cuttings to grow enough roots to keep themselves in place when vertical. You can hang the heart once you feel the plants are securely grown in. (Test the plants by gently pushing and pulling at them to test their resistance.)
Enjoy growing your heart!

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