Grow a Heart Shape Watermelon





heart watermelon is now known by more and more people , as a special heart shape , it could be a great gift for girlfriends in Valentine's Day , but how this heart shape watermelon been made ? let us see how is the process ...

Step 1: Buy the Heart Shape Watermelon Mold or Box

if you want to make a heart shape watermelon ,then you need to have the best tool to get this job done , you may go to for getting the heart shape plastic mold , there are many others molds available too . this plastic mold is made of polycarbonate material which is hard and strong enough to shape the watermelon into heart ...

Step 2: Put the Heart Mold on the Baby Watermelon

when the heart shape plastic mold is ready , then you can put the mold on the baby watermelon when it is still young and small than the mold . connect the mold with screws tightly . there maybe some watermelon occurred inside of the mold ,but do not worry ,because there are holds on the mold which can release the watermelon at night when the temperature is down next thing to do is just wait for the watermelon growing slowly ...

Step 3: Time to Harvest

when the watermelon fully filled in the mold , then it will be the time to harvest , it is easy to take off the mold from the watermelon . then you will get the best heart shape watermelon , not much thing you need to care , but if you want to know more about it , please let us know .



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