Guide to Airsoft





Introduction: Guide to Airsoft

I know people have been starting to do alot of these airsoft guides, and I would like to help out.
I have been playing airsoft for the last couple of years, and I have picked up some pretty good strategies I will share with you.

Thing you will need

airsoft gun

mask (highly recommended)

airsoft bullets

and a field to play in

smoke bombs (optional)

airsoft grenades (optional)

and to go the extra mile you can even make a airsoft grenades and smoke bombs.

Step 1: Field

first step is the field, you will need a field that is at least two ackers for more than four people. And you will need BUNKERS or FOXHOLES anything that will hide you.

I myself built bunkers out of fallen trees and old trash that was in the field that I play in

to build foxholes all you will need is a shovel, all you have to do is dig holes three feet deep and three feet wide. That you can sit in to hide from enemy fire and you can even build trenches to connect the foxholes

Step 2: GUNS

okay the next step is guns!!! the most important part, Your gun is your
life line you don't buy a good enough gun... you lose!!!

you don't take care of it... you lose!!!

if you want a realy good AEG, you will need to spend at least 150 dollars. anything under that mostlikly will not be a very good gun.

here are some brands to look into.
Tokyo Marui
Classic army
King Arms

so with that said, here are some good airsoft sites. (highly recomended)

these are the sites that I have dealt with and is by far the best...

Step 3: Gear

the next step is your gear. I usually carry a belt with pouches for ammo extra clips and a water bottle. I usually carry five thousand extra rounds with me at all times because you will never know when one of your teammates is going to need ammo.


the mask I use is a wire mesh mask (recomended for battle with guns under 400fps)

if you are playing airsoft with guns over 400fps I recomend a sertified airsoft/paintball mask


to buy my gear I usually just go down to the local army surplus store they have all you need for dirt cheap

but some good places on the Internet are

Step 4: Your Team

if you are sireous about airsoft you will need a team. my team consist of

captain (me)


support gunner


and two rifle men

this is the basic team if you have more people find a place for them in your team. if you notice any special talents in your people make sure to put the into the spot that suites them best.




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    247 Discussions

    DPMS Panther Arms kitty kat kit's can be found for 40$ and realy good quality gun...

    How should I finish my loadout? Here's what I have...

    Green camo cap

    darker green T-shirt

    Sturdy hiking boots. They work and look like hiking boots but are flexible enought to run like sneakers

    2 shot shotgun

    I'll get an AEG and a pistol after I get my gun shipped from Florida

    What am I missing (If anything)?

    1 reply

    I am starting a team but I cant decide what position to play I will be captain but I cant decide weather to get a sniper rifle ,electric rifle ,or a shotgun

    1 reply

    Electric, it is the most versatile. Get a shotgun if you are going to go fight in buildings, and sniper for long range. But electric is best all-round.

    My team pwns we have a guy with a 470 fps gas Barret and me with an MP5 One of the guys has 2 semi-auto deagles and duel wields. and a bunch of guys with G36s or M4s or SCARS.

    4 replies

    dang... iv never realy liked getting shot with 1 CO2... good thing (for the guy on the recieving end) theyre semi- auto. i personaly prefer a good aeg over EVER using a GBB, but if it works for HIM...

    I have storm troopers, special forces, shock troopers, defenders, engineers, scouts, and bike cavalry. The objective is to capture the enemy forts, with battles lasting several days.

    Have you ever dug many trenches-four lines, each over twenty feet long-connected with other trenches? It's great in airsoft becuase it works-alot.

    My team has an m14 3 m4s 3aks 2 thompsons 1 m16a4 2 m9s and 3 multishots

    Best brands are
    6.classic army
    7.any other

    oh and you forgot one its go there and its epic

    ooh ooh i know one

    i got an AK-47 which isent here yet but will be

    From my experience the best brands are :
    2. King Arms
    3. Echo 1
    9. Definately NOT Classic Army, the internals on these guns are HORRIBLE

    1 reply

    the one thing weird about my airsoft gun (it's a m16 a2) is that it curves up after about 60 feet of distance. don't say that mine is damaged because it did that when it was brand spankin new