Guide to Get Epic H.D Desktop Wallpapers

Here is the Complete Ultimate Guide to getting Epic desktop H.D wallpapers (this is for your computer!) =)

Step 1: You Wll Need:

A computer, mac or windows are absolutely fine, So you can use any i'm using windows but mac is very similar so it should be fine

Step 2: Go to the Image Section of Any Search Engine

So first of all chose your search engine. I'm using Google as i find this is the best for searching images and this is what the majority use. When you get onto your search engine go to the top right Conner and find images.

Step 3: Find Your New Desktop Wallpaper

Now you'l need to search for what you want I'm going for a super-car wallpaper so I'm typing: "epic hd super-car wallpaper. You will need to type in: "[adjective] hd [the thing you want]" wallpaper. Something like "cute hd cat wallpaper" would be good, then click search

Step 4: Find Your Favorite Pic

choose your wallpaper from the pictures click it and then click "view image"

Step 5: Save Your Wallpaper

Now all you have to do is: right click the image, and from the menu click "save image as" save it where you want (remember where it is).

Step 6: Setting Your Wallpaper

Go to your desktop, right click and click personalize. Then a new page shall come up at the bottom click "desktop background". Then find your image by either: clicking the picture location drop down menu or click browse.

Step 7: Tick the Box and Your Done

Now your nearly done. Tick your wallpaper and click save changes. That's it now you should have your new EPIC wallpaper. Thanks for reading my first guide, any questions please feel free to comment. PEACE OUT =)



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