Guitar Pick (/plectrum) From Old Credit Card / Bank Card





Introduction: Guitar Pick (/plectrum) From Old Credit Card / Bank Card

You can recycle old bank cards, credit cards etc. by making guitar picks out of them!
I always lose my plectrums, so I can never have enough of them lying around. These plectrums are actually not so bad to use and if you can't find a real one, they're the next best thing.

Step 1: Materials

you need:

1 old bank card / credit card / any old plastic membership card, you get the idea.
1 pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cut Your Plectrums

Cut picks to desired shape/size as shown in picture. I can get at least 4 out of one card. First cut out rough shape, then trim to "fine-tune".

Step 3: Play!

start playing! (you can also use them for mandolin, uke, balalaika, saz, citar, banjo for my part...)



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    I have actually used old iTunes-vouchers and stuff like that. If you're unhappy with the edges, carefully sand them down.

    ha. Wish I'd seen this before cutting up my cards randomly and disposing of the pieces in 3 different bins! If you like 'em real thin, try cutting up an empty plastic milk jug.