Prop Mpk5,usi,pistol,knife,buterflyknife,winchester,tech9,etc...

About: im a guy with his own beliefs,science will change the future,human are made out of cheap materials and i also think that chakra and karma im canadian!

i will show u my collection and if i get a sertain number of good comments(100)i will show you how to build the in the future.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i moded the usi is now a tacticle usi.its the same but it has a stock,silencer and scope.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Even if these were painted the only one thats seems to me that would look slightly realistic is the knife, maybe next time try with a proper instructable (note "instruct" in instructables) instead of just a couple of pictures...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    May i suggest Painting your props? And fixing the Instuctable name to something shorter and easier to look up? Instructables is for INSTRUCTING not Waiting for people to comment and then finally getting around to making it! If you want people to pay attention to your Instructables you have to make a good Quality Instructable and Piece Of work just like all of the other popular ones. Please dont count this as one of your "100 good comments" Because i dont think you deserve the attention without the work!

    Your Current "Good Comments Count" Is STILL at 0! Get to actually Instructing so We can Construct this project!

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