Haha in Your Face (april Fools Joke)



yes this is for the april fools contest
yes the pictures are crudely drawn to add a sense of somewhat funnyness
and yes you need to have a standard size imagination if you dont order one from thinkgeek.com

Step 1: Materials

a lot of yarn
an idea for distraction like say dont go up the stairs my little brother put syrup on them again......
a evil idea for what to launch
a long 2x4
some kind of thing for leverage
and some person you want to launch something at

muahahahahaha  >:}

Step 2: Construction

first you need the target, as stated. if you have stairs thats wonderful cause that helps alot if not heres where imagination kicks in.
1.take the yarn and make a trip wire thin rap it around a post loosely once.
2.draw the string and tie it to a heavy object and place it above the desired point of launchification.
3.after placeing misc. objectuse another object like a triangle(i know a kindergarten moment there)as a fulcrum or point of leverage like a sea saw (omg so playground)...
4.place the board on your fulcrummy object.
5.now this is important, place the end with nothing on it under the heavy object.
6.place launching item on other end.
7.okay distraction comes in handy here now trick the unsuspecting man to the low,undetectable trip wire.
8.the trip wire pulls the object,the object falls on the board,the launching object launchs(obviously),the launching object lands(didnt see that coming eh?)on the unsuspecting guy,he gets creamed and you laugh point and say in your face just like the title says. walla



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