Hair and Makeup Tutorial




Introduction: Hair and Makeup Tutorial

a very easy hair and makeup tutorial

Step 1:

Well first of all you need makeup
-lipstick(your most suited shade)
-liquid eyeliner(black)
-concealer stick
-hair brush, band and hair grips

Step 2:

As you can tell I have lots of spots, and I look ugly without makeup
so first of all use the concealer and dab it on blemishes or spots, DON'T RUB!

Step 3:

put a bit of foundation on your finger and rub that over your face merging it with the concealer

Step 4:

Take the eyeliner and draw a thin line along your water line
then draw a line along your top lid it doesn't matter if it is a bit thick.then take a make up wipe and wipe your lid to create a very thin line

Step 5:

Now put some mascara on

Step 6:

put your lipstick on and if it is to heavy then wipe a thin layer off with a make up wipe

Step 7:

brush your hair back into a pony tail I leave my fringe and side bits out

Step 8:

pull the pony up high and back comb it doesn't matter if it's messy

Step 9:

Take the ends and tuck them back into the band

Step 10:

put hairpins I into the sides to hold it.if needs any other pins to support then put them in.

Step 11:

as you can tell my hair isn't that long but by back combing it it makes it look like you have more hair

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    8 Discussions

    You aren't ugly without makeup, I think you're beautiful! You don't need to cover anything up, and ignore anyone who tells you that you do!

    You did a good job on this tutorial though. I love the hair. Mine is about the same length so I'm going to try this :)


    6 years ago

    U should set your foundation as well


    6 years ago

    Picture 9 is the best


    Reply 6 years ago

    My bun is still darker then the rest of my hair


    6 years ago

    Btw to do your eyeliner its easier to just stretch out your eyelid and draw the eyeliner on so its neat rather than wipe it off after you can still do it thin i just choose to do it thick