Halloween Wall Decor, Hand Painted.




Hand painted wooden squares for a cute wall decoration.

Step 1: Paint Squares

First I painted all 4 wooden squares(from craft store $1.00 each) their background color. Waited an hour and did a second coat. I hand traced the faces then painted them. Some places needed second coats.

Step 2: Paint Faces

Frankenstein is done! While second black coat for spider is drying, I'm painting the faces on the ghost and pumpkin. I put my paint in containers with lids so I could cover it between coats. 

Step 3: Finish Spider

All 4 faces painted and drying. Just have to finish the spider by adding pupils, and legs. Heating up the hot glue gun for that.

Step 4: Spider

Finished the spider! Twisted pipe cleaners, the fold in half, 2 per side. 4 all together. Bend legs to look like a spider, or leave straight.  Hot glue onto back !! Add little black pupils to eyes. Let all dry well. I spent a few hours a day on these for 3 days.

Step 5: Add Ribbon to Hang

I used black ribbon with orange dots. But any ribbon would be cute! Hot glued a loop at the top and glued the ribbon all the way down the center of each square(to make it last), left an inch of ribbon between each and a little at the end. Hang on wall!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is cute and brilliantly simple. If you got some fabric paints (or felt like doing the silkscreening thing) they'd probably make some nice t-shirt designs too.

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you all so much! so glad i found this site, i like making all sorts of stuff. cant wait to share a few more! and find some ideas too ;)