Hammer Door Knocker

Introduction: Hammer Door Knocker

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this will show you how to make a hammer door knocker

It is loud and when someone knocks you will know someone is at your door

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

  1. old wooden hammer
  2. piece of wood (mine was left over from cabinets)
  3. hinge (from a box of junk)
  4. piece of metal (from a metal chimney
  5. 6 small screws
  6. a drill
  7. drill bit (needs to be a little bit smaller than the screws)
  8. drill bit (needs to be bigger than the threads but not bigger than the head)

Step 2: Drill Time!

mark and drill the pilot holes and install the hinge

then mark where the hammer will hit and put the piece of metal there

you will need to use the bigger drill bit on the piece of metal (DO NOT DRILL INTO THE WOOD)

Then switch to the smaller drill bit and drill into the wood

Step 3: Finish!


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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Great thinking...... But think again....... Think like a criminal would...... How hard is it for thief to casually walk up to your entrance, wrench the hammer off your "knocker" and proceed to smash your door down with it then trash your house!!! You'll loose your belongings, your door, and depending on how desperate the robber is, maybe even your hammer too!!!

    You don't need to take this advise but I greatly recommend it. Are you prepared to spend your valuable time and effort just to HELP a law breaker get into your house and take all your wealth, leaving you begging on the streets for a tiny bite of a moldy cheeseburger!?!?!?!? I don't think so!!!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! Very clever use for an old hammer. I like it!