Hamster Travel Cage

Introduction: Hamster Travel Cage

This is a way to make an easy travel hamster cage for your hamsters.
    Parts needed
    1 plastic canister from Walmart
      1 wire trash can from dollar tree
     hot glue gun
    cutting pliers
     that's all.

Step 1: Getting the Canister Ready

First get the canister and cut rectangle almost the size of the canister. Make sure you don't cut it to big and wide or you will be gluing on the side of the canister. Then get the sharpy and put designs on it like mine is steam punk. Draw anything on it a war field, steam punk, food paradise, and even a prison.

Step 2: The Trash Can

for this step get the cutting pliers and cut a section out of the screen big enough for the rectangle you cut out for on your canister with awesome designs.

Step 3: Haha Glue Now.

Get the enormous and deadly glue gun or what ever you want to call it. Now glue the trash can piece to the top of the canister. Now your down and you now have your own hamster travel cage. Post yours so everyone can see. This picture is the one my brother made and i put the drawings on it since his hamster Mr. Hammy loves food.

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