Hand Mannequin




Another cheap solution for a crafting need

Step 1: Materials

tape, scissors, poking tool (i used a chopstick), something light you can cover your hand in (i used a cellophane glove, but saran wrap or a plastic grocery bag will do.)

Step 2: Assembly

cut various lengths of tape. (an assistant is great, but i did this on my own,)

place glove over hand starting at fingertips, work your way down.

wriggle free. If necessary you can cut up the palm and tape the slit.

stuff with paper (or whatever you choose) using chopstick to push into fingers. (try not to over stuff.)

Step 3: Stuffing

Check the thickness against your own hand.

or place glove that fits your hand and then stuff.

if you over stuff you can cut the thumb off and place that into your glove first.

Step 4: Done

use it as a mold for making gloves, or use it to display your collection. goes great on a mummy, or web wrapped corpse.I even paint some with latex and toss them around the yard.(Only at Halloween!)

optional if you get it stuffed just right you can tape the bottom until it is flat and stands on it's own(like in the Freddy glove pics.)



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