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This is an Instructable about a few guitar type things I have been building while traveling in our motorhome. I used hand tools I found along the way and thrift store stuff. I had to buy a few things from ebay and amazon.

Step 1:

I made some of the necks out of 2x4 fir some out of oak and one out of red cedar. I went online and found a fret calculator. I made the first frets out of bobby pins super glued on. The later ones were made with regular fret wire I found on ebay.

Step 2:

The end plates were made from brass hinges the later ones I cut out of brass from a door kick plate I found in a thrift shop.

Step 3:

The nut was made out of a dog chew bone I found at pet smart. Some were made out of plastic knitting needles. The banjo was a cookie tin.

Step 4:

For the bridges I used brass welding rod glued to wood. Some were plastic knitting needles and some bone.

Step 5:

I used a hand saw, chisel, coping saw, a knife, a small hatchet, a few different files and rasps I found in thrift stores.

Step 6:

I found electric pick ups and piezo pickups on ebay and amazon along with tuner pegs and strings. I used sink drain screens for sound holes. Brass box corners from amazon. For amplifiers I tapped into the volume switch on some old radios and added a 1/4 inch jack. I looked that one up on Instructables.

Step 7:

The cigar boxes came from thrift stores and local tobacco shops.

Step 8:

I tried one with this type tuners but never again. This box is from a fancy flatware set. The dog bone made quite a few nuts for the necks,



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    3 years ago



    3 years ago

    Never mind. On my phone, missed the pictures. Nice one!


    3 years ago

    How did you do the frets? How did you attach the neck to the body?


    3 years ago

    This is pretty cool. one of these days I'm going to venture to try making a musical instrument. thanks for sharing.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing you creative cigar box guitar.