Handmade 'rubberish' Stamp

Introduction: Handmade 'rubberish' Stamp

I will show you how to make a rough 'rubber' stamp out of pretty common items. mainly glue xP
I made a stamp for a friend, and decided to show the process as i did it.

theres alot of text, becasue i tried to explaine it in detail, and accent the photographs as best I could. ENJOY!

p.s. i thought id try and enter the contest thing (descriptive i know) any ways, The green element of this is that this stamp can be used over and over and over again, no need to throw it out when your done! and if you did want to get rid of it for some reason, you could remelt the glue and use it again!

Step 1: Things You'll Be Needing

Here's a list of the things your going to need!
1. Paint (kinda optional, i havn't tried the stamp on an ink pad yet. Also i made the first stamp, quite by accident, needing it to be used with paint, try what youd like: any ways Hence the paint)
2.sponge (you only need this if your your using paint)
3. Hot glue gun and glue (kinda shown, stick'n out of the back of the gun _ )
4. Scissors
5.Masking tape (thinking about it, you could probably use any tape, something more repelling might work better, But for whatever reason the masking tape dosn't really absorb the paint, and i have it in abondance)
6. xacto knives, In the picture im not using 'real' xacto blades, but i believe the size in xacto is 11, the fine tip on, which is very important) any ways, you dont need two, ie. The larger blade, but it helps to have options!
7.A pencil (simple enough)
8. The letter you wish to cut out, in the typeface you wish to use! printed in mirror image of each other.
extra thing i forgot to mention: Tweesers, or other small gripping utenisles would be advisable, especially if your fingers arn't tiny!

Okay first thing after youve gotten your things together is to Get ahold of your t ypeface I used Paint, becuase i could see the letter actively change fonts while i scrolled through them, Your going to want to make 2 letters (not shown) and Flip horizontally one of them so they mirror each other.

Step 2:

Plug in your glue gun, your going to want it plenty hot, with the glue flowing freely!
Okay, here's a huge tip i learned from an epic failure: WRITE YOURSELF NOTES ON THE PAGE,
take the time to figure out which side of your letter, (and if you printed two mirror image letters, which Letter,) is going to face down. The idea here is that even though the letter looks backward, once its placed flat on a surface the stamp comes out the right way. so in summary, write yourself notes so you dont forget/get confused.

Next (and i couldn't really take pictures of this because i needed two hands) Unless you have a light table, flip your paper over, so the printed letter is against the window/light table, hold your inverted letter up to the light, Now you see the letter looks correct, Carefully and acurately trace the letter onto the paper (that is, the back of the paper you printed the letter onto in the first place kinda hard to explain, hopefully the pictures help im trying to be as detailed as possible) trace out the whole letter, this is to prevent you from getting to confused.

I realized i forgot to add 'peice of wood' to the materials list, but dont panic, you can use anything the letters i used for the word 'Epic' are on peices of cardboard xP

Flip your paper BACK over. Heres where i added the masking tape, you deffinatly wanna do it before you start cutting stuff up. Flip your paper over again, and grab your glue gun!

Step 3:

Now, flip the paper to the side you traced on (alot of paper flipping going on x. x) Lay the paper on a flat surface, this is important so the glue dries flat. (and as youll see the glue tends to kinda meld into itself, making an even layer) In kind of a zig zag motion, put the glue over the traced letter, any direction will work, but make sure you over shoot your letter (check the pictures) Your not trying to spell out the letter in glue, your trying to completely cover the entire area around the letter, as well AS the letter with the glue. Dont leave any pockets! this will surely come back to haunt you!

Wait for the first layer to dry, and do it a secound time, to get a decent width, you can do it more times if youd like, two times was good for me.
Note: the tip of the gun will melt your first layer alittle bit, dont worry, just keep going and make sure you dont leave any pockets, your going for nice, even layers.

okay, let the glue dry and dont touch it (like i did xP) when its dry cut it into a more managable size.

Step 4:

Now let me start off this next step by saying, depending on the text your using, it will be easy, or hard. The cursive text i used, was hard, lots of thin narrow peices that i could either over cut and sever, or just break while trying not to sever them T . T
The text i used in intro, that said "epic" was much easier to cut do to each letters indavidual size.
just something to think about!

Now than, onto cutting! This is the hardest part (as i said above, it varries) this is really a strait forward operation, so more or less consider this/these next step(s) as tips on how to get it right the first time. Simply put, if you sever something, there really isn't a way to fix it. I suppose you could try to glue it on again(?) i dont know how well that would work though. So im saying it now! in my experience, if (like me) you accidently cut something off (i cut off the little fancy tail thing on the first letter i tried to make of the same text) Its gone. Ie, once its off its off. So go SLOW it pays off.
Fortunatly, if you do mess up, the steps up to here are real easy, if your paranoid (I believe in you though!) Maybe make acouple letters just incase

now onto actual tips xP What your going to want to do is cut in segments, what i mean by that is dont try and cut out the whole letter at once, cut out alittle bit, and carefully take it out, you may even want to cut that peice in half to make it more managable. A good example of this is in the picture where i cut the center of the fancy circular thing out (see picture)

Step 5:

Okay by now your probably bored of reading xP We're gonna wrap this up.

once you've cut out your letter heres what your going to want to do. Flip it over so the glue side is facing UP, carefully lay another peice of tape across this, evenly. Why do this after you just cut out the whole thing? Because you needed the raise the surface, otherwise it would just be a block shapped blob of paint ...no good. Now the tape is so you have an even surface to glue on, and to keep the glue from filling in all your hard work!
okay, now, your goign to want this letter to be EVEN, odds are unless you put a heap of effort into laying the glue onto the letter, its not exactly even, some spots aren't going to be level to your block of wood, how do you fix this? Carefully put alittle drop of glue in the places that are un even, hold the letter level until the glue dries. With a cursive letter (as i learned) this took several tries, and i even had to take the whole letter off the wood a couple times. Just keep going untill you get what you want.

now that extra letter you had from eariler (if you printed the mirror image deal) Cut it out, and glue it to the top of your peice of wood. TIP! make, sure its on correctly O=] i had a stupid moment when i did it *as you see in the picture* It...turned out to be upside down xD And taking it off ripped it. OR you can skip that step and do what i did as an alternitive, and used a wood burning thing

the only thing left is to test it, Grab your paint, and sponge on alittle bit, test it out to figure out what works, to much and it'll be an indistinguisable blob, to little and it wont quite look right, ALSO this is how your going to have to figure out if your stamp is level or not, generally the parts of the stamp that arnt...erm well 'stamping' aren't level with the rest of it.

Thanks for reading! i hope you have great success in trying this!

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks cool!
    Thanks for the ideas. Bathroom sealant is more rubbery, so I bet it's easier to carve the letter out, but I don't know how durable it will be, compared to hot glue.
    And you can't rememlt it :-p


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Patient work cutting that out! You indicated that the glue stayed soft for a while - what are your thoughts on applying it directly to the wood block, then laying it face down on e.g. a sheet of oiled-glass before it sets. You'd then be trimming the glue on the wood. ? L


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    The following worked for me: I printed my logo (the MC on my avatar) backwards, put a big blob of hot glue on the back of the printed paper, and stuck a wood block to the glue. I cut around the logo with a sharp knife (so there was no more white paper showing). Ran it under water and rubbed off the remaining paper, and now I've got a pretty decent stamp! Dried (cooled?) hot glue isn't as "thirsty" as the more porous rubber you see on "real" stamps, but I'm very impressed with the results. Thanks for the ideas, folks!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! thats a sick idea. Im glad it worked out for you. I'll have to try it that way ma' self!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thats an intelegant question. Honestly if i get what your asking, your talking about kinda sandwitching the stamp between two surfaces to make it level? I see no reasy why that wouldn't work! If you give it a try do let me know how it goes for you! The way i was doing it (i couldn't get pictures of it though) I held it up to my eye and looked down it lengthwise, that was good enough to see which parts were sunk down; and therefore not getting any paint on them, etc. Sounds to me like you ridea could work, and proboably be alot easier than manually correcting each spot. Thanks for the question! -Adam.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I don't have hot glue though... Bathroom sealant, I do have, hmmm (I'll let you know if I do come up with anything) L


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Ive used bathroom sealant before, it would probably work! that stuff is intense. I used hot glue because its what I had, and when it dries it has a rubber-esque consistancy to it. Ya im interested to knwo how it goes for you! do let me know! -Adam