Happy Baby Blanket


Introduction: Happy Baby Blanket

This is the happy baby blanket and hat I made for my nephew.
The blanket was a featured Lion Brand pattern and the hat was a pattern of my own.
The orange and green yarn was from my stash, while the blue and grey yarn is Vanna's Choice.



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    Wow....i have a blanket kinda like that, that my grandma made me when i was a baby. It has gotten snagged somewhere and is coming apart....i need help of how to fix it...please!!

    I think this is gorgeous but how is this an instructable, there are no instructions.

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    Thanks Cazza. This wasn't technically an instructable, it was submitted to be part of a contest the robot was having. If you are interested in making it the pattern can be found on the Lion Brand website.

    Thanks, the niece is super pleased with it! Although she only displays it, she won't use it... I keep trying to reason with her, but as long as she's happy!

    My niece (it was her 2nd baby) LOVES orange. Unusual choice for a baby blanket, but they were thrilled.

    Thank You! Yep. You just keep going and going on the square until you are done... This was my first attempt at crocheting (I had been 'just' a knitter) so I was rather pleased with my efforts.