Happy Fridge Lights

Introduction: Happy Fridge Lights

About: i make, mend and modify things from rubbish, whether found or donated, whilst travelling around these islands off the coast of europe

if you have an electric fridge then here is a simple modification, substitute the usual 15W bulb with a string of bulbs, salvaged from a set of christmas tree lights. in ireland and europe the mains supply is 240VAC so i used 20 bulbs of 12V each wired in series, in japan with 100VAC 8 bulbs would be good, and in the us of a 10 bulbs would do.

.... be wary and respectful of mains electricty..... it can give you a horrible shock, burn you, or permanently damage parts of you resulting in death. a safety measure to take is encase your project in plastic with no exposed metal parts.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    very pretty! wonder though will anything else will fit in the but lights?:)
    that' a diet.
    more seriously, found it really cool, i would like to ask how the substitution happens, do you wire the christmas light strings into the usual bulb?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ha ha... you could also wire a radio cassette player into the bulb, or anything else that will be happy with 15 watts of mains voltage.
    since your question i've added some image notes to explain better, in this project i soldered the wires on to the old bulb, in another project, "happy extractor fan" i used the screw part of an energy saving bulb which had sufficient wires to attach by twisting the string of lights.