Hardwood Floor Cleaning Booties

Introduction: Hardwood Floor Cleaning Booties

Hey folks,
here's a fun way to clean your hardwood floors (or linoleum, or anything floor covering you spray and wipe) by wearing the wiper on your feet!
I don't know if this has been done before, it probably has, I just had the idea for it in the car.  So if you like all kinds of ridonkulous cleaning stuff, you may like this quick, cheap and easy product

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1 old (but clean!) towel
sturdy string or yarn

(sewing tools or sewing machine
large safety pin not shown)

Step 2: Cutting

Use the shape of your foot to make an outline for the bootie, like a large oval, the use one inch of seam allowance for drawstring lining.  It's important to allow enough room for your foot.

Step 3: Making Drawstring Loop

With your seam allowance, fold over the edge of the fabric so that there is a "hemline"  all around the oval.  Sew this (sewing machines make a sturdier stitch; I used zig-zag to prevent fraying)

It will be difficult to sew along the curve without bunching.  That's ok.  You will make clips, which is basically cutting a little triangle along the seam, in areas where the fabric will ruffle.  Here's a link to an example

You will find some clips will make a gap as you sew them hemline.  Do not sew them closed.  This is where you will put in your drawstring.  Your end result for this step doesn't have to be the same oval shape you started out with; making some corners will not alter the end result.

Step 4: Applying the Drawstring.

This can be tough, as the folded towel fabric may be thick and bulky.    I used the biggest safety pin I could find and tied my yarn to the end of it.  Then I worked the yarn though the little "tube" created by sewing the hem in the previous step.  Here is an example of how to work in a drawstring with this link.

Step 5: Final Project!

Once you have inserted your drawstring, cut the string to a desired length.  It should be long enough that it cinches your bootie and you can it hold with one hand while standing.
Now you can make an extra for your other foot, or just use one and use your free hand to hold your spray bottle of cleaner!

Have fun!

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