Harry Potter Albino Dragon

I am a killer hairstylist and own Celebrities-Salon in Saint Petersburg Fl. I can copy any picture... either hair color and cut to drawing a picture to making a costume. I LIVE FOR HALLOWEEN! Celebrities-salon.com.

I had a little help with construction of the wings made of pvc and a/c covering. the wings are white sheets from a customer of mine . They open up with a nut and bolt on the back of the pvc. I bought a white body suit off line to airbrush and made the hands and feet with sculptured nails made of a wood powder mixed with water and a coating of white nail acrylic. I also put wire through the toes to bend up so the nails dont hit the ground when you walk. I bought a mask $70 that i cut up and put velcro on for adjustment.I glued the nose on, then latex.. the tail is made of bath liner and stuffed.....the scales are bath liner and hot glued on. lets not forget the cool contacts i bought on line... so wala.... just what i wanted.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is EPIC! I am attempting to build by own dragon costume, but i still need to see what other people are doing as well. What materials did you use?


    thats 1 bad ass costume. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate wings on my outfit, I think I know how now. Yeah, you got my vote to.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Holy crow...that thing freaks me out! You got my vote ;-)