?hat and Crowl ?and Hand Warmers or Mittens?


Introduction: ?hat and Crowl ?and Hand Warmers or Mittens?

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HI! So I need your help. I cant decide wether to make handwarmers or mittens.
I WILL try to rember to make a instructable on this( at least the hat)



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    Can you describe a handwarmer? I love wearing mittens because you can keep things in your mittens while you wear them. Keys so I don't have to dig around my purse, or change for the meter, candy or nuts that I am snacking on... (I know I am weird.)

    Depending on what a handwarmer looks like I might choose mittens.


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    yea sorry. there like long gloves or mittens or gloves with out the fingers. I have a pic of it on one of my creations thingys