Head Phone Head Set

Introduction: Head Phone Head Set

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i got a head seat for free in the mail but i coldint hear anething so i opened it up and the speaker was farly small so i desoderd it and put in a speaker thats two times its size.then when i was puting the case back on it dedint fit. then i used a cupol of 2leater botols liying around and cut the top and bottem of cut the midle in hafe then doun the senter and hot glued it togator but wasint strong enought to  stay on my head i hot glued a hose clamp and covered  everything in a bike tire.and it works.  : )
sorry for spelling anything wrong not a good speller

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    personally i wouldnt want a speaker right on my ear but nice job


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you know that most if not all headphone drivers are speakers, just high ohm (in the range of 32 ohms) instead of the speaker's 8 ohms. Any resistor or even better inductor in series will raise the load and thus the ohms. Lowering the ohms from 32 to 8 or 4 will of course make the system louder, but likely to eat batteries if you are running them on an mp3 system. Of course it depends on how big your enclosure finally is. I opted for 50mm speaker drivers when I did my headphone mod using hearing protectors. The space was large and using a small 32 ohm 20mm headphone driver just did not perform as well as the lower ohm larger speaker and since I was using it on a computer, the power usage was not an issue.